1.)   All new electric customers must fill out an application and make a security deposit for electric service.  If the customer has an outstanding balance from another account they must pay that outstanding bill before new service can be established at another property.  If the outstanding balance is more than one (1) year old, the customer must then pay the arrears plus a new security deposit.

2.)   Security deposits must be paid before any service is turned on.  Security deposits will be as followed:

A.)   Residential customers –  $200.00

B.)   Commercial customers – $300.00

Security deposits must be paid in cash, money order, Visa or MasterCard and certified    checks.  We DO NOT accept checks for security deposits.   Security deposits are refundable on the electric account after one (1) year of service and an excellent paying record.  If the customer moves out before the one (1) year, the deposit will be applied to the final bill.

3.)   All customers who sign up for new service and have an oxygen medical necessity must provide a document from their doctor certifying their condition.  All medical necessity letters must be up-dated every year, so we can keep our records up-to-date.  THIS DOESN’T INCLUDE NEBULIZERS, SLEEP APNEA MACHINES AND DIABETIC EQUIPMENT, ETC.

4.)   The Village of Solvay offers customers the option to have their electric payment taken out of their checking or savings accounts or put on their Visa or MasterCard on a recurring basis, which is done on or about the 5th of every month, the customer will have to sign a form giving us permission.  We also accept cash, check, money order or certified check payments in person or via mail.  Customers may also call and make a Visa or MasterCard payment over the phone.

5.)   If a customer bounces a check for an electric payment, there will be a $25.00 bounced check fee added to the electric account.  If an electric customer has two (2) checks returned within a six (6) month period, the Village of Solvay will no longer be able to accept checks as payments for the electric bills, you will then only be able to pay by cash, money order, certified check, Visa or MasterCard.

6.)   Winter/Summer turn-off policy is as follows:

A.)    If a residential customer becomes 60 days delinquent and is $50.00 or more in arrears, they will receive a “Disconnection Pending” letter, which will give the electric customer 15 days to come in and either pay the arrears amount in full or set up a payment agreement.

B.)   After the 15 days are up, if account isn’t paid in full or an agreement isn’t made on the account, the customer will then will get a “Final Disconnection” letter, which will give them 15 day to pay the balance of the arrears off and/or set up a payment agreement.  Twenty-four (24) hours before the power will be turned off, a door tag will be placed at the residence, which will state what time the power will be turned off the following day and the Village of Solvay attempt to contact the customer the day prior to the electric being turned off.  ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN CASH, MONEY ORDER, VISA OR MASTERCARD OR A CERTIFIED CHECK.

C.)   The day the power is scheduled to be turned off, regardless if there are children in the residence, no payment agreements will be allowed to be made.  If the power is disconnected, the bill will have to be paid in full which will include the current month’s bill, plus a $100.00 reconnect fee, or $150.00 if turned off at the pole.  If the customer requests to have service turned on after 3:30p.m., it MUST be approved by the Electric Superintendant.  Instead of the $100.00 or $150.00 charge, the customer would be charged a $300.00 after hours charge.   The Village of Solvay has twenty-four (24) hours to reinstate the power; therefore, power may not be restored until the following day.

D.)   Any customer receiving HEAP will follow the same rules as someone who is not receiving HEAP.  Anyone receiving HEAP will have to set up a payment agreement on remaining balance that isn’t covered by the HEAP payment.  (Above rules A – C apply to HEAP customers for turn offs)

7.)   All commercial/industrial accounts must stay current every month.  (NO PAYMENT AGREEMENTS CAN BE MADE ON COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS).   If a commercial account becomes delinquent, a “Final Disconnect” notice will be sent, at which time they will have 15 days to pay the account in full.  Twenty-four (24) hours before the power will be disconnected, a door tag will be placed at the business, which states the time that the power will be turned off and the Village of Solvay will attempt to contact the customer the day prior to being turned off.

When vacating a residence/business or moving to another property in the village, the customer will be required to come in and fill out the appropriate turn off form and pay any arrears up-to-date or the power will stay on until payment is made.  After the arrears amount is paid, a final reading will be done and a final bill will be sent to the new residence, at which time the customer will have a month to pay the bill.  If the final bill is not paid in full, it will be turned over to our collection agency, this will be placed on your credit report.  If a customer fails to come in and fill out the appropriate paperwork to take it out of his/her name, that customer will be responsible for all monies owed until the landlord or new tenant puts the power in their name.   If a husband/wife moves out of a residence due to a divorce or separation, whomever is living in the house will have to pay all arrears up-to-date, and make a security deposit in order to have it put in their name.