Code Enforcement

Phone #  (315) 468-1679
Fax # 
(315) 468-1473

 Common Code Violations

If you receive a letter from Code Enforcement regarding a possible violation and you are unsure why it was sent, please call (315) 468-1679.  Our goal at Code Enforcement is to attain compliance with state and local codes as easily as possible.  Here are some common reasons why you might receive a letter:

  • Unsafe buildings: Structures that are structurally unsound or abandoned.
  • Unsecured buildings: Buildings that are abandoned, must be boarded up, repaired, or demolished.
  • Lawn and lot maintenance: weeds and grass that is greater than 10 inches in height.
  • Unlicensed Vehicles.
  • Trash, Garbage, Brush and Yard Waste.