Bulk Pickups ending December 4th

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Bulk pickups will end December 4th and will start again on April 2nd 2021


The DPW does not pick up move out or clean outs from any commercial or residential properties. If you live in the residential property you are allowed to put out a certain amount of items in the accordance with the village web site.( Bulk pickups  

(1) Size is no larger than 4’ X 4’ X 6’   

(2) One large item only Couch, Loveseat, Box spring, Recliner, Etc. Mattresses do not count because of the $30 fee.

(3) One trash can size of construction debris. Only Addresses on the bulk pickup list will be picked up. The DPW will do a special bulk pickup if someone does a clean out or move out for a fee determined by the DPW on the size to be picked up.