Police in Solvay now have eyes in the sky to deter crime

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Neighbor John Kortright is all for fighting crime, but he wants to make sure the sky camera, doesn’t become a spy camera.

“My concern is the privacy for the people around here. Who is watching the people watching the camera.  Can they zoom into your house?,” says Kortright.

Police are addressing privacy concerns, and promise the camera won’t be zooming into anyone’s house.

“We’re not using it to invade privacy, we’re using it to protect the public, these are public areas we’re receiving most of our complaints from,” says Clapp.

Police say they while they may not make a neighborhood completely picture perfect, having extra eyes will help.

Solvay police used Homeland Security funding to purchase the two surveillance cameras, and with help from Solvay Electric, they can quickly and easily move those cameras into any neighborhood where they’re needed.

Eventually, police will have the ability to log on and view camera shots from their patrol cars, so they can check out crime scenes before they get there.

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