Codes Enforcement Officer: David Balcer

Codes Enforcement Officer: Aaron Sauer

Phone #  (315) 468-1679
Fax # 
(315) 468-1473

Dear Property Owners, Tenants and Occupants

The Village of Solvay Codes Dept. is striving to make this Village a safe and beautiful place to live & work.

Please assess you property for the following small things you can do to spruce up and keep your property clean.  Most of the items listed below are common sense issues that everyone should know, but many times are not followed.

Residential & Rental Properties:

  1. Please make sure you or your tenants take the garbage out to the curb (not the sidewalk) on your appropriate “trash day” (trash cans &/or bags may be placed at the curb the night before but not before 4:00 pm.  All empty containers are to be removed from the curb the same day following pickup, but no later than 8:00 pm).

a. Garbage workers empty trash containers all day long, which amount to hundreds of pounds of trash every day.   Give the Workers a break so they don’t break – don’t pack trashcans or bags to heavy.  If the bag or can is too heavy for you to carry, it’s too heavy for our people.

b. DPW has two (2) days a week set aside to pickup large discarded items (like mattresses, couches, etc.) and this service is for Village Residents Only.  Sorry, no TVs, computers or other similar items.  For more information or to schedule a pickup date call the DPW at 468-1606.

c.  Please, be courteous don’t block the sidewalk with trash or basketball hoops (remove the “hoops” when not in use) because pedestrian traffic is then forced to walk in the road.

d.  Please keep your trash receptacles & bags behind your house or garage.  Overflowing trash cans and ripped garbage bags are very unsightly, plus they smell and bring unwelcome insects & rodents.

  1. Please refrain from storing your garbage on your porch; again this is unsightly and unhealthy.
    1. Overloaded porches can be dangerous, as you must have clear pathways to get out of your home, especially in emergencies.  If you have clutter of any kind, when you need to get out of the house in an emergency, you could stumble and fall, which can cause injuries and/or waste valuable escape time.
    2. Emergency personnel need to have clear paths to get inside buildings to help occupants with their emergencies or to carry patients out to waiting ambulances.

Commercial Properties with dumpsters:

  1. Please give your tenants, especially new tenants a list of your trash hauler set of rules.
  2. Please regularly check on your dumpsters.  Many times they are overflowing and debris is collecting outside the dumpster (most haulers will only empty the dumpster, they won’t pick up the trash left around the dumpster or junk in the yard).
  3. How about designating someone to periodically pickup trash that has blown from your yard into the road’s right-of-way or your neighbor’s property.
  4. Remember, having a messy or sloppy yard reflects on the management and/or owners.  A clean place attracts clean tenants and encourages compliance with both owner’s rules and municipal codes.

The entire community will, thank you for your cooperation and you will be pleasantly surprised with the response you will receive from your neighbors.

 Thank you, in advance for your cooperation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Code Enforcement Office.

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